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I know who you are - and I know what you will become!

—J.D. Thorne to an unfortunate email script.

J. D. Thorne
Biographical information
Aliases Thorne
Death Date 2003
Status Deceased
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Green
Other information
Functions Ex-security chief of ENCOM
Allies Z-Lot
Rector Scripts
Out of universe information
Actor David Scully
Appearances TRON 2.0

TRON: The Ghost in the Machine

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J.D. Thorne is a security chief at ENCOM gone missing during the events of TRON 2.0.


J. D. Thorne was a director of ENCOM security. Unfortunately, his attempts to be promoted to Vice President of Corporate Security eventually angered him to the point where a friend referred him to fCon. There, Seth Crown appealed to Thorne's greed and employed him as a corporate spy. Thorne was given access to fCon's network through a wireless dialup number stored on his PDA and kept regular contact with Crown. fCon had particular interest in the digitizing technology that Alan Bradley had been recreating since the destruction of the MCP 20 years earlier.

Thorne demonstrated the digitizing process on himself for his fCon contacts, but without Alan's correction algorithms, he was severely damaged in the transfer. His corrupted digital self became a living, nigh-unstoppable computer virus, corrupting healthy Programs into Z-Lots, spreading the virus throughout various ENCOM servers and even the Internet. Through this, he became known as "Master User" Thorne, embracing the godlike powers of a User and the role of corrupter.

In order to protect herself from Thorne's virus, Ma3a digitized Jet Bradley in a desperate act of last resort. When Thorne finally caught up to Jet on the open Internet, an epic battle was fought between the Users. Jet held Thorne at bay until the Tron Legacy Code was compiled into Ma3a, thinking that would protect her. Unfortunately for both of them, the glitched code caused Ma3a to go insane. Jet escaped, but Thorne was wounded and retreated to his corroded server. By that time, however, the Kernel and his ICPs were able to isolate Thorne and the Z-Lot threat. Worse was that Ma3a had been captured by fCon, and Jet needed to know how to break into the rival company's system in order to get the algorithms so he and his father could return to the analog world.

In the final showdown, the Kernel was about to kill Thorne, but Jet intervened so he could question him instead. While Jet was able to successfully defeat the Kernel, Thorne's injuries and the corruption were too severe. Out of remorse for his crimes, Thorne revealed to Jet and Alan the secret route into fCon's security system through his PDA before his corrupted form finally derezzed.


In 2003, NECA released a Thorne Figure as part of their TRON 2.0 action figure line.