TRON Wiki - Infected File Image (large)
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry ColorYellow, Light Green
DescriptionVarious forms, including unarmored, heavily armored & explosive.
Other information
EquipmentNone, hand-to-hand combat
Out of universe information
ActorVarious (voice)
AppearancesTRON: Evolution

Infected are programs, both Basics and ISOs, corrupted by viral infection, specifically by the virus known as Abraxas in TRON: Evolution.

Showing a dissonance in higher cognitive functions, likely symptomatic of the affliction, their normal personalities are displaced by maniacal, violent behavior.

The condition seems to be irreversible and while they have not exhibited any sign of being able to pass the contagion on, cautious approach is recommended, along with prejudicial termination on contact.

Infected normally come in three forms or stages: a fast-moving but unarmored form that is relatively easy to derez, a more heavily armored (further corrupted) form, and an explosive form that spews corruption behind it and bursts apart on contact with a light disc. Their bodies are pitch black in color, while their circuits -- no matter the prior hue -- change upon infection to yellow or yellow-green.