EN12-82, top-of-the-line mainframe, capable of 16-bit processing, full monochromatic display support and a local storage of 128 megabytes. I challenge you to find a more robust system.


I-no profile.jpg
Biographical information
Derezzed Date 2003 (Implied)
Physical description
Circuitry Color Blue
Gender Male
Description Tower Guardian: usually wears headpiece in I/O Tower. Wears skullcap in other places.
Other information
Functions Tower Guardian (Oversees user/program communication)
Allies Jet, Ma3a
Out of universe information
Actor Dennis Bateman
Appearances TRON 2.0

I-No is a character in the video game TRON 2.0. Represented as an older male in the computer world, he was a Tower Guardian program from the 1980s that lived on an old mainframe called EN12-82.

Biography[edit | edit source]

I-No was the Tower Guardian of the EN-1282 mainframe, and was terribly proud of its (then) robust capabilities. He was also among the Guardians that had been captured by the Master Control Program and rescued by Tron along with Dumont and many others. I-No was grateful to Tron for his help, but admitted that he had no idea where the great warrior had vanished.

When EN-1282 was brought back online, I-No discovered Jet Bradley unconscious and helped the injured user recover, offering his continued assistance once Jet regained consciousness. Jet was on EN-1282 to find the Tron Legacy Code, but there was another problem; Ma3a was in danger from F-con's Seekers. In order to get her to safety on the archic mainframe, they would have to resort to "overclocking", or making the mainframe run faster than intended. I-No guided Jet through the hazardous mainframe with advice given through I/O nodes both to overclock the system and rescue Ma3a, and to find the archive with the Legacy code.

Unfortunately, the aged mainframe caused it to destabilize, damaging it to the point of collapse. Although given the chance to escape with Jet from the presumably disintegrating mainframe, I-No chose not to escape. His rationale for not leaving the now dangerous environment was based upon his age and his perceived inability to adapt to a modern computing environment. I-No presumably derezzed in the rapidly decaying system.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dennis Bateman, the voice actor who plays I-No (as well as the Kernel and the fCon CEO), is most famous for providing the voices for Pyro and Spy for Team Fortress 2.
  • The name "I-No" is likely a phonetic play on the English phrase, "I Know," implying that the character is significantly intelligent.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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