Hello flynn

Hello Flynn's server interface.

Hello Flynn is a website created by Flynn Lives member ISOlated Thinker. ISOlated Thinker was an employee of ENCOM and worked with Kevin Flynn before Flynn disappeared in 1989. He continued to work with ENCOM until he was fired for making "too much noise about the lack of interest in Flynn's disappearance." When he realized he wasn't going to be with ENCOM much longer, he sneaked out one of Flynn's work servers. While ISOlated Thinker was able to access the server, the files were passcode protected, so he created the website Hello Flynn to allow Flynn Lives members to get their chance to crack the codes.

Shortly after the work server went online, Flynn Lives members were discovering hidden barcodes in the 2010 rerelease of Space Paranoids for Internet browsers. After deciphering the codes and entering them into the work server, amazing never-before-seen pictures were revealed. It turned out that Flynn was working on a virtual utopia, using his video game creations as the basis for his design. Iconic designs such as the recognizer and the light cycle were redesigned as well as the whole world itself.