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Title screen.

Grid Rush is an online game on Disney XD's TRON: Uprising website. The gameplay is a side scrolling, fast paced adventure. The game takes place in the Outlands and in Argon City. Grid Rush follows the same story of the show and includes some of the vehicles. In the game, you can play as Beck, a Light Cycle, a Snowmobile, a Light Crawler, and Zed's Light Cycle. In the game the vehicles have to avoid road blocks, enemies, and Light Cycles. Vehicles can get a speed boost and a shield, which is a blue translucent cover over the vehicles. After you beat the story mode, you unlock Beck's white suit. The white suit is playable in endless mode. You have the option to play as Beck or a Light Cycle in endless mode.

Alternate versions of the game can be played on chapter two, seven and eleven of the Disney website's version of Beck's Beginning.