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Gibson Hood.png
Biographical information
Compile Date 1988
Derezzed Date 1989
Status Derezzed
Physical description
Circuitry Color Green (Yellow when infected)
Gender Male
Other information
Equipment Identity Disc
Vehicles Light Cycle (4th generation)
Allies Anon
Out of universe information
Actor Jensen Ackles (voice)
Appearances TRON: Evolution
TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids

A Beta-class ISO, Gibson emerged from the Sea of Simulation in TC148 and was a member of the governing council of the isolated Bostrum Colony.

He was assigned to Grid engineering within system utilities shortly after emergence, where he quickly excelled in developing innovative energy transfer systems before being reportedly driven out following a violent confrontation with basic colleagues stemming from co-workers' xenophobia and jealousy.

He left City Core following his departure from his post at Utilities and joined the ISO-only faction known as the Bostrumites. Gibson rose quickly into a position of prominence among the governing council due to the benefits given the remote colony that resulted from his innate abilities.

Able to manipulate and conserve large quantities of energy, Gibson is an expert in baton combat and has been granted Operator-class privileges for both light cycles and recognizers.

TRON: Evolution[]

Gibson was first seen in TRON: Evolution when Quorra and Anon were at the End of Line Club. He quickly left the club after hearing about Flynn's "death". Gibson learned that Flynn was in fact alive and got him to some friends who got him out of Tron City and to Bostrum Colony. Shortly after this he was captured and forced to play in the Game Grid.

He was found by Anon, who freed him from his cell just before the start of the game. He tricked Anon into taking his place and seemingly abandoned him. After a few matches, Gibson rescued Anon, having stolen a Recognizer. He filled in Anon on the way to Bostrum Colony.

Gibson joined Anon after ditching the Recognizer and they found Bostrum Colony to be largely abandoned though there were signs of a fight and infected patches of the city. The pair ran into Abraxas during their search for Flynn. They successfully escaped Abraxas and after evading Clu's minions, started to Arjia City on their light cycles (with Anon riding Flynn's).

On the way there, Abraxas made an appearance again, jumping down in front of them. Gibson slammed his light cycle into Anon's to knock him away from Abraxas. Gibson's light cycle derezzed and he slid to a stop at Abraxas' feet, who picked him up and infected him before throwing him aside and leaving.

Gibson was followed by Anon, who attacked him. At times in the fight he fought off the virus and stood still while urging Anon to end it. Gibson expressed gratitude in his own way for Anon ending him.