Game Arena
Geographical information
Region Tron City
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Inhabitants Sirens
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Evolution, TRON: Legacy

The Game Arena, also known as the Gaming Sector is contained in a vast stadium on the edge of Tron City. It plays host to a number of gladiatorial sports including a radically redesigned Disc Arena where combatants fight inside a series of transparent modules. Stadium seating provides live viewing positions for thousands of spectators.

The environment of the arena combat area can be constantly reshaped to accommodate a range of different game environments. Typically it is used to generate rotating Disc Arena modules suspended high above the ground where they are easily visible from all angles of the coliseum.

Tron was consistently the champion of the games, each cycle, until he retired. The next champion rose to that status in TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids. This was the first time it was possible for an ISO to become champion of the Game Grid. At some point, around 1985, a program named Beta, who participated in a system-wide game tournament, bested both Tron in light cycles and Clu in a tank battle. Ultimately, he became champion and was granted access to the Light Cycle (2nd generation) as a reward.

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