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Flynn Lives is an ARG to promote TRON: Legacy. The fictitious Flynn Lives Organization runs the website that contains several news articles that explain what happened plotwise between TRON and TRON: Legacy. The website contains a secret section as well that provides voice clips of Kevin Flynn referencing his achievements in the TRON system, as well as the TRON: Legacy VFX Concept Test Trailer in HD.

Flynn Audio ClipsEdit

  • Evolution. Evolution is the greatest force in the material world. Evolution will provide us the next step in intelligent life, but it will come from somewhere unexpected.
  • Quantum is the future of science. With it, digital teleportation may be possible.
  • What I've done, is created a Newtonian playground, a place for the largest, most significant experiment in human history to occur. That's what I've done.
  • I tell you what it has. It has the potential to cause the greatest paradigm shift in the history of mankind. This will unleash the power of human intelligence!
  • Soon, we'll all be watched over by machines, machines of loving grace. That's to paraphrase an old friend of mine, Richard Brautigan.

Websites related to Flynn LivesEdit

  • Home of Tron
  • Zero Hour
  • Pit Cell
  • ENCOM International
  • Program-Glitch-Esc
  • Arcade Aid
  • ENCOM Intranet
  • Wellminster Academy (Click on "Student Search" and type in Sam Flynn, a student record comes up that talks about him.)
  • Amazon Capoeira
  • McClaskey Airstrip
  • Perfect Parachutes
  • Dumont Shipping
  • Hydecker Designs (Check out the "A Message from the Archivist", and the "Renovating Encom International East" mentions Sam Flynn, Jordan Canas, his late mother (who is the main architect for the company) and December 17, 2010 the "Grand Reopening of Encom International East" - and the release of TRON: Legacy.)

"The Next Day"Edit

Main article: TRON: The Next Day

The full chronology of the Flynn Lives movement has been revealed in a special feature on the Blu-ray of TRON: Legacy, named TRON: The Next Day. It is revealed that Roy Kleinberg, the user of Ram from the original film, has founded the movement, secretly funded by Alan Bradley (known on the Flynn Lives forums as ISOlated Thinker), and shows what has happened at ENCOM after Flynn's disappearance. The short film also features some scenes filmed as part of the real-world ARG, mainly the ENCOM Press Conference at WonderCon 2010. At the end of the video, Alan confronts Roy, deciding to shut down the movement and offering Roy a place at ENCOM. This scene is said by many fans to set up, and link to, what potentially will be the third TRON film.

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