Flynn's Safehouse
Geographical information
Region Outlands
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Owners Kevin Flynn
Inhabitants Kevin Flynn
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Legacy

Flynn's Safehouse is a combination of a spacious home and a bunker, disconnected from the Grid and hidden in the Outlands. It is far enough from Tron City that the prying eyes of Clu's subordinates do not reach it, but also far enough to leave Kevin Flynn unable to offer protection to the Grid.

Established some time after Clu's betrayal in 1989, the safehouse was developed and expanded into a well-appointed subterranean complex with one expansive window opening from the main lounge and dining area out onto a viewing platform set in the side of a cliff. The outdoor viewing platform boasts its own energy pools and a view directly across Tron City to the Portal. Much of the interior features lighting throughout the floor, as well as in fittings in the ceiling, which activates in the presence of occupants and bathes the rooms in a steady white glow. The walls and ceilings alternate between slick white and unfinished Outlands rock. Connected to the main living area are smaller rooms furnished with beds, desks, and shelves for personal belongings. Flynn possesed a library containg the works of authors such as Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Jules Verne.

The safehouse is accessed through a garage built to accommodate a Light Runner. Its entrance is hidden in the base of a cliff. The garage is connected to the main facility by an elevator platform, large enough to carry a light cycle, which rises directly into the main lounge area.

TRON: Legacy: It's Your Call: Initiate Sequence[edit | edit source]

Flynn's safehouse is visited in the TRON: Legacy choose-your-own-adventure novel, and several of the book's alternate timelines hinge on decisions made there. The book notes that the hidden door in the mountain is motion-sensitive, opening for anyone who approaches by foot as well as by vehicle. However, an advanced security system just beyond, with whooping alarms and a booming electronic voice, is programmed to immediately exterminate any intruder unaccompanied by an authorized person.

In one alternate future, four thousand years after no one reaches the Portal before its closing, the long-desolate safehouse is investigated by archaeological programs seeking information about the Grid's beginnings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Clu briefly investigated a pair of spiky gold and silver models when searching the safehouse. These models were the two halves of a "Yoshimoto Cube" folding puzzle which, during filming, reminded Jeff Bridges of the first movie's Bit.
  • One corner of the safehouse features a Go board that Flynn and Quorra play. Quorra states that Flynn's patient play style usually beats out her more aggressive strategy.
  • Flynn kept his own light cycle, an ENCOM 786, in its own dedicated area of the main lounge area until Sam Flynn removed it.
  • A log fire in the safehouse's fireplace burned with blue-burning pixilated flames; a fire of similar digital flames fueled by burning vehicle tires was set in Argon City by Gage's gang.
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