Recognizer Flynn
Vehicle TypeAerial security transport
Crew1 pilot
Behind the scenes

Flynn's Recognizer is the recognizer which Kevin Flynn, employing his abilities as a user, reassembled from broken parts and piloted to the vicinity of Dumont's I/O Tower.

History Edit

The recognizer had been left disassembled and discarded in a junk pile outside the canyons near the Game Grid. Flynn, while seeking refuge from Sark's military forces for himself and an injured and unconscious Ram, stumbled upon the craft's cockpit, remarking that it looked like a good place to rest. He was awakened from an exhausted sleep by the sound of an electronic beeping from a panel he was touching. When he investigated further, the recognizer's systems lit up and it began to reassemble into a damaged but functional vehicle. Ram, still injured and weak, expressed amazement, as an ordinary program would not have been able to revive the ship in that manner; the feat enabled him to realize that Flynn was actually a user.

Flynn, left to continue alone after Ram derezzed, piloted the recognizer out of the junkyard. A Bit emerged from the recesses of the vehicle, keeping him company (and criticizing his driving skills) until he reached a populated area. Unfortunately, the recognizer was still damaged and Flynn eventually lost control, losing pieces every time it crashed into something. Finally, only the cockpit module remained. It skidded to a halt in the vicinity of the I/O Tower toward which Flynn had been heading; the impact threw Flynn clear, and the cockpit shut down again, returning to its original powerless state.

Trivia Edit

Reco interior ram flynn

The Recognizer's interior.

  • As a result of Flynn's influence over the craft, this recognizer, alone of those seen while the MCP controlled the system, had blue circuitry.
  • In the novelization, the pieces that form this recognizer are the remains of one of the recognizers Clu destroyed in the beginning of the movie.
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