Ha Ha Ha!
FCon Monster
Biographical information
Compile DateMarch 2003
Derezzed DateMarch 2003
Physical description
Circuitry ColorGreen
GenderMale and Female
DescriptionMutant combination of Esmond Baza, Eva Popoff and Seth Crown into one entity.
Other information
FunctionsTo destroy Jet Bradley
EquipmentPrankster Bit
Energy Claw and possibly Drunken Dimms
Out of universe information
AppearancesTRON 2.0

The FCon Monster is an entity comprised of three corrupted users created as the result of Seth Crown, Esmond Baza and Eva Popoff digitizing themselves without the correction algorithms. While Jet Bradley was being transported back to the real world via the digitizing stream, the monster chased after Jet and began to attack him. Throughout the battle, the cluster exhibited all of the abilities of an FCon DataWraith, including use of the mesh primitive, energy claw, and prankster bit. Ma3a said that if the monster were to return to human form, the three corrupted users would die. Jet saved his life (as well as theirs) by pushing the monster off of the digitization stream so that they would remain in the computer world.

After Jet returned safely, Alan transferred the monster to a portable hard drive where he would "fix the mess they got themselves into".