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Future Control Industries (better known as FCon) is a company in the game TRON 2.0 that buys out ENCOM in an unfriendly merger.


FCon is run by a mysterious Chief Executive Officer, who is never seen. There are several clues in the game which suggest that Ed Dillinger is the Chief Executive Officer of FCon. The executives of FCon are Seth Crown, Eva Popoff, and Esmond Baza.

When FCon took over ENCOM, they gained all of ENCOM's technology, including digitization. Upon sending J.D. Thorne into the computer, they found a human would become a violent corrupter without correction algorithms. When they couldn't find the correction algorithms, they sent a Seeker Engine after Ma3a. When they got the correction algorithms from Ma3a, they digitized Alan Bradley as their first test subject with the intention of sending the DataWraiths into the system to moderate the programs. Their plans are thrown into disarray when Jet and Alan enter FCon's server with the intention of retrieving the algorithms and crashing the server altogether.

When the two succeeed in crashing their server, FCon's CEO orders Crown, Popoff and Baza to enter the system to stop them as Alan removes the correction algorithms. As a result, the three are corrupted in the digitalization process and become a hideous mutation comprised of all three users.

They chase Jet into the digitalization stream and engage in a heated battle. Jet manages to succeed in removing the mutated FCon executives from the stream and returns to the real world. During a conversation between Alan and Jet that implies that he would be able to reverse the damage done to the three executives, the FCon CEO declares he isn't through with them yet, only to be cut off in mid-sentence when Alan shuts the camera down.