You have one hour to reconsider. After that, no more Missus Nice Guy.
Mrs. Popoff
Eva Popoff
Biographical information
Birth DateFebruary 13, 1978
Death Date2003
Physical description
Hair ColorBrown
Other information
FunctionsCorporate Human Resources
AlliesSeth Crown
Esmond Baza
FCon Chief Executive Officer
Out of universe information
ActorKimberli Colbourne
AppearancesTRON 2.0

Dr. Eva Popoff, Ph.D was one of the executives of fCon, who worked with her co-workers, Seth Crown, and Esmond Baza, on trying to execute fCon's plan of taking over all of the computer networks in the world with DataWraiths.


Eva Popoff was born on February 13, 1978 in Lyon, France. She received her education from the American University of Paris. Her education included a great deal of language studies, as she was able to speak fluent English, German, Russian and Cantonese in addition to her native French. she was recruited into fCon as the head of Human Relations. Her personnel file reads that she was "excellent at managing large groups of people, but somewhat unapproachable in one on one situations."

A very driven, ambitious individual, she was put in charge of recruitment and training for the DataWraith project, working closely with Crown and Baza. Popoff was very enthusiastic about the project and eagerly embraced its dangerous potential to control everything from checking accounts to global politics and public opinion, imposing a "digital new world order" with the ability to "crush all who would oppose us." Outside her enthusiastic emails, however, she had a coldly analytical approach to the DataWraith mercenaries, referring to them only by their alphanumeric serial number, correctly deducting that a rogue user was loose inside the system and fighting off the DataWraiths.

In the end, Popoff, Crown, and Baza decided to confront the threat Jet posed directly. However, the trio were digitized without the algorithms and were transmogrified into a twisted, inhuman creature. Jet was able to successfully defeat the monster, and Alan trapped her and her two colleagues on a hard drive, indicating he was in no hurry to attempt to see if he could restore them to humanity.