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Mr. Baza.jpg
Esmond Baza
Biographical information
Username Baza@fCon.ind
Birth Date November 10, 1971
Death Date 2003
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Other information
Functions Chief Technology Officer
Programs Seeker
Allies Seth Crown, Eva Popoff, FCon Chief Executive Officer, Tech, DataWraiths.
Out of universe information
Actor Scott Burns
Appearances TRON 2.0

Esmond Baza (born November 10, 1971 in Delhi, India) was one of the executives of fCon, who worked with his co-workers, Seth Crown, and Eva Popoff, on trying to execute fCon's plan of taking over all of the computer networks in the world with DataWraiths.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Baza graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Leicester in Leicester, England. According to a data file Jet Bradley found in an archive bin, he was "extremely self-critical" and "often failed to recognize his own achievements, leading to frequent bouts of severe depression." This left him easily and alternately bullied and bribed into compliance by Crown and Popoff.

Baza was the technician in charge of the DataWraith program, and it was his Seeker engine that captured Ma3a, extracting the correction algorithms from her code. Baza also was the one who discovered that the kidnapped Alan Bradley had been able to cobble together a crude, but functional computer from spare parts in the storage closet where he had been locked up.

After Jet hacked into fCon's virtual server and began fighting off fCon's DataWraiths, the fCon CEO decided it was time to take bolder action against the unknown threat. Baza was notably reluctant to be "turned into ones and zeroes," but Crown was able to talk him into with promises of great wealth.

Unknown to the fCon trio, the correction algorithms were temporarily removed at the time and he was corrupted after digitization, turning him into a monster virus along with Mr. Crown and Ms. Popoff . Jet defeated the monster, and Alan was able to trap Baza and his colleagues on a hard drive. Alan stated that he might one day be able to extract them from the digital world, but he was in ho hurry to do so.

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