Biographical information
Status Alive
Physical description
Circuitry Color Primary: White
Secondary: Dark Blue
Gender Male
Other information
Equipment Baton
Vehicles Light Jet
Out of universe information
Actor Matt Jones
Appearances TRON: Uprising

Erg is a minor character who appears in TRON: Uprising.


Erg, a jittery program with a distinctive mohawk, was seen in Gorn's shop in Purgos, begging her to erase his identity disc. Gorn refused, calling her assistant Lomox to intimidate him and mockingly showing him the hole where her left eye used to be to illustrate the dangers of working with code worms. Though Lomox smashed him face-first against the code worm tank, terrifying him, Erg continued to plead with Gorn to erase his memories, stating that he had stolen a light jet and that if the guards saw his memories they would kill him. Lomox wrested the light jet baton from his hands so that Gorn could examine it, throwing him to the ground despite his protests. At that moment, Pavel walked in and curtly told Erg to get out. The frightened program obeyed, scrambling out of the shop and leaving the stolen light jet in Gorn's hands.


  • Erg's name is derived from the unit of energy and mechanical work in the centimetre-gram-second (CGS) system of units; it is the amount of work done by a force of one dyne exerted for a distance of one centimeter.
  • Though Erg's name is listed in the credits, it is never heard in the episode in which he appears.
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