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The phrase "End Of Line" as displayed by the MCP on the interactive touchscreen built into Ed Dillinger's desk.

"End of Line" is a recurring phrase spoken by programs during and after Kevin Flynn's first visit to the computer world. It is similar to human phrases like "End of communication," "That's final," and "That will be all," and can also serve as a formal goodbye.

The phrase was most frequently used in TRON by the Master Control Program, both to address programs inside the computer world and to end conversations with his User, Ed Dillinger. In TRON: Legacy, the phrase was known on the Grid as one of casual farewell, and it gained popularity as the name of Castor's End of Line Club.


  • The MCP uses the phrase to conclude most of his conversations with programs and Users.
  • Sark says "End of line, program!" as his final line.
  • Clu bid Castor goodbye with the phrase just prior to blowing up the End of Line Club.
  • Track 12 on the TRON: Legacy soundtrack is titled "End of Line." In the movie, the track is played by Daft Punk as Gem leads Sam Flynn into the End of Line Club.


  • The last chapter of TRON: Evolution is named "End of Line."
  • The phrase is uttered during TRON: Solar Sailer  upon failure to successfully navigate a level.
  • The words "End of Line" appear when a player-character derezzes in TRON 2.0. In the same game, a courier for the Kernel says the phrase to indicate the end of his report, and Mercury uses it to sadly bid farewell to Jet Bradley when he returns to his own world.
  • During a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts II, the MCP, dismissing Sark, ends the conversation with "End of line.", as he does in the film.


  • In computer science "End Of Line" (EOL) is a special character which signifies the end of the current line.
  • The phrase "End Of Line" has made its way into pop and game culture, and is often referenced there.
    • In the online game SMITE from Hi-Rez Studios (2014), the "Run.exe" skin for Mercury sometimes says the line while using the "Made You Look" ability.
    • In the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), one of the unlockable in-game titles features this phrase on a background resembling a red program outfit.
    • In the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series, the Cylon Hybrids often use this phrase when reciting system information about the Base-Ships.
    • In the Sega Genesis game Sub-Terrania (1994), the mission report before each level is almost always concluded with an "End of line".
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