EN12-82 I No.jpg
Geographical information
Region ENCOM 511
Other information
Designer Unknown
Owners ENCOM
Inhabitants Tank Program
Light Tank
Resource Hogs
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON 2.0

"EN12-82, top-of-the-line mainframe, capable of 16-bit processing, full monochromatic display support and a local storage of 128 megabyte, I challenge you to find a more robust system."

EN12-82 is the second part of the fifth level in TRON 2.0, identified as ENCOM's old server.

History[edit | edit source]

According to the game's timeline, the system had been powered down for many years, presumably after the deletion of Master Control Program. After retrieving all three e-mail fragments from Alan's PC, Jet and Ma3a learn the Tron Legacy Code is stored on old mainframe. Prior to entering the mainframe, Jet headed for the lower area of the system and to convince the primary program to route power to EN12-82. The program however, was misled into thinking Jet was his replacement and proceeds to explain to Jet how to operate the power occulus. Jet moves on to the lower level and manually aligns the lenses, then routes power to the old mainframe. As Ma3a reversed the defense protocols, a Seeker appears and Jet jumps into a Data Stream to distract the malicious program.

On the abandoned test grid, Jet attempts to combat the Seeker, unaware that the system's operating capacity was cut in half by his and the seeker's presence. Every time the Seeker disappeared beneath the ground, Jet dealt with Resource Hogs whom were also ruining the efficiency the test grid's operating system. After defeating both the Seeker and the Resource Hogs, the test crashes, sending Jet plummeting to what appears to be his doom.

Jet survives the fall and when he regains consciousness he is greeted by an old program named I-No. I-No explains to Jet about the nature of the old server and the Legacy Code, and Jet contacts Ma3a via a I/O Node. Together they decide to overclock the system to allow Ma3a entrance to the system. Jet reconfigures several panels on a higher level in the system, and has to fight his way through tanks to reach an elevator to take him up. Upon activating the four panels, he senses no change in the system, and contacts I-No.

I-No, after several cycles of crunching data, informs him that not all of the secondary power relay stations are active. Another mission for Jet. After activating the secondary relay stations, Jet is forced to fight through several light cycle grids until he reaches the main power pipeline. He arrives in time to see the system starting to fail from the power surges, and rushes to engage the restrictors, preventing a meltdown. Once he had completed his task, he persuaded a program to grant him access to the Tron Legacy Code Archive, and after a quick goodbye, headed to the internet with Ma3a to find a compiler for the Code.

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