Yes, I'm old. Old enough to remember the MCP when he was just a chess program. He started small, and he'll end small.


Biographical information
User Walter Gibbs
Physical description
Circuitry Color Blue
Gender Male
Description Tower Guardian: usually wears headpiece in I/O tower. Wears skullcap in other places.
Other information
Functions Tower Guardian (Oversees user/program communication)
Allies Tron
Kevin Flynn
Out of universe information
Actor Barnard Hughes
Appearances TRON

Dumont is a Tower Guardian charged with protecting the ENCOM mainframe's I/O Tower. He resembles his user, Encom founder Walter Gibbs, and has a similar closeness with Yori that Gibbs had with her user, Lora Baines.

During Master Control's tyrannical reign, his was the last free I/O tower on the system, and bitterly remarked that he was only kept around in case one of Master Control's henchmen needed to interact with the outside world. He was nearly crippled by despair by the time Tron and Yori arrived at his tower, seeking contact with Tron's user, Alan-One. Dumont was skeptical of their odds of success, saying that he had seen "many promises, many reassurances, many brave plans." In the end, however, he acquiesced, allowing Tron into the sanctum to commune with his user and download the upgrade to his disc. Afterward, Dumont delayed Sark and his forces long enough for Tron and Yori to escape, sacrificing his own freedom in the process.

Dumont was captured and tortured by Sark and Master Control, but the elderly Guardian remained defiant and remarkably sarcastic to his tormentors, taunting Sark by saying he remembered when the mighty MCP was a mere chess program, and saying that the MCP "started small and he'll end small." He was briefly reunited with Yori after her capture, and when told that Flynn was a user whose plan to help them had failed, said grimly, "If the users can no longer help us, we're lost." Eventually, Dumont and many other Guardians were marched into the MCPs citadel, where the megalomaniacal program attempted to absorb their functions, draining them nearly to the point of derez. Dumont was rescued by Tron, along with the other Guardians, and stood by Tron and Yori's side to watch the I/O towers light up, overjoyed at the new freedom sweeping the system.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is paid homage to in TRON: Legacy, and its viral, through the shipping company called Dumont Shipping. The company was named by Kevin Flynn after his takeover of ENCOM, and Flynn's son Sam resides in a converted Dumont shipping container which contains a fully furnished apartment.
  • In the prologue for TRON: Betrayal, Dumont says that MCP was Kevin Flynn's finest creation. This is false, because MCP was created as a chess program by Dumont's user, Walter Gibbs, and was later upgraded and modified by Ed Dillinger, although Flynn did have chess matches with the program in its early stages.
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