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Donald Kushner (born March 2, 1945 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA) is an American film producer and the producer of TRON, his first live-action production.


He attended high school in Providence, received an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in 1971 and a Boston University law degree in 1973. He then studied art for one year in Florence, Italy.

Upon returning to Boston he set up a law practice which included a number of show business clients. This led to the opportunity to produce plays for the Boston stage, among them "P.S. Your Cat is Dead" and the first theatrical adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's "Player Piano".

In 1977, Kushner formed a partnership with filmmaker Steven Lisberger. In 1978 the pair moved to Los Angeles, where they produced the 90-minute animated film Animalympics. After Animalympics, he produced his first live-action movie, Tron.

After Tron, Kushner, along with Glen A. Larson and Peter Locke, also produced the 80's TV series AUTOMAN, about a holographic crime fighter, that began in December 1983 and ended in August of 1984. This series used similar effects to those seen in TRON.

He and his partner, Peter Locke, founded The Kushner-Locke Company in the 1980s and continues to produces movies and television shows.

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