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Disney Interactive Studios is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

In its early period,[when?] Disney Interactive often worked as a developer rather than a publisher (though it also marketed games on its own for select platforms), establishing development/publishing alliances with interactive-gaming industry leaders such as Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo, Activision, Capcom (the most allianced), Konami, [[Square-Enix and Ubisoft. Disney Interactive dealt with mass-market, global development, publishing and distribution of interactive entertainment software based on its intellectual property (including Disney characters and other franchises).

Buena Vista GamesEdit

To diversify its portfolio, the company re-established itself as Buena Vista Games and divided productions across two publishing labels -- Buena Vista Interactive developed titles across multiple platforms for creative content from the businesses within The Walt Disney Company, and Disney Interactive marketed and distributed children's entertainment and learning software. Buena Vista Games is probably best known for the Kingdom Hearts series along with Japanese developer Square Enix.

Disney Interactive StudiosEdit

In 2007, The Walt Disney Company re-merged its productions under the name Disney Interactive Studios. The studio publishes both Disney and non-Disney branded video games for all platforms worldwide, with titles that feature its consumer brands including Disney, ABC, ESPN, Touchstone (which is used as a label for Disney Interactive), Disney/Pixar, and Square Enix. The studio has selectively licensed Disney intellectual property to other video game publishers such as Activision and THQ.

In June 2008 Disney Interactive Studios was spun off of Disney Consumer Products and taken up under the new division Disney Interactive Media Group.[1]

List of gamesEdit

The company also publishes games from Q Entertainment worldwide except Asia: Lumines II, the sequel to the puzzle game for the PSP system; Lumines Plus, a new version of Lumines for the PlayStation 2; Every Extend Extra, a puzzle shooter; and a Disney Interactive Studios' Meteos: Disney Edition, the popular Meteos game for the Nintendo DS with Disney characters.

Disney Interactive Studios has also announced the formation of a new development studio Fall Line Studio dedicated to creating games exclusively for Nintendo consoles Wii and Nintendo DS. Fall Line Studio will operate as a sister studio to Avalanche Software, both companies being based out of Salt Lake City. The studio will focus on small-team projects using Disney's brand. Former general manager of Rainbow Studios Scott Novis has been chosen to serve as vice president and general manager of Fall Line Studio.

Disney Interactive Studios has been a strong supporter of Nintendo platforms and is the number three publisher of Game Boy Advance titles in North America. And Fall Line marks the company's plan to cut back on outsourced game development and focus on internally developed software.

The company revealed a line up of games at E3 2006, which include DIE's Turok, a re-imagining of the video game series of the same name and Desperate Housewives: The Game, based on the hit television show.


  • Avalanche Software, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Acquired April 2005
  • Black Rock Studios, based in Brighton, England. Acquired 28th September 2006
  • Fall Line Studios, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Gamestar, based in China. Acquired 8th April 2008[citation needed]
  • Junction Point Studios, based in Austin, Texas. Acquired 13th July 2007
  • Propaganda Games, based in Vancouver, Canada
  • Wideload Games, based in Chicago, Illinois. Acquired 8th September 2009
  • Tapulous, based in Palo Alto, California. Acquired 1st July 2010
  • Playdom, based in Mountain View, California. Acquired 27th July 2010


On the July 13, 2007 it was announced that Disney Interactive Studios had acquired Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios.[2]

On April 8, 2008 Disney Interactive announced it was acquiring Gamestar, a Chinese game development company.[citation needed]

On September 8, 2009, Disney Interactive announced that it has acquired Wideload Games, the company behind the hit Stubbs the Zombie. Disney is also releasing Split Second, a game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

On July 1, 2010, Disney Interactive announced it had acquired Tapulous, the studio behind the Tap Tap Revenge franchise for the iPhone.

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