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Disc Primitive
UsageThrown, or close combat weapon
UsersJet Bradley
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON 2.0, TRON 2.0: Killer App (Xbox)

The Disc Primitive is the main weapon used in the video game, TRON 2.0 and is the "primitive" form of the disc weapon. The disc primitive acts just like the identity discs found in the same era as TRON. They can be used to throw at enemies or block incoming disc attacks. In the game, Jet Bradley receives his disc primitive from Byte in the tutorial stage. Unlike the other weapon primitives, The Disc Primitive does not consume energy when used and has no downsides when using energy-consuming subroutines like "Corrode".

Sequencer DiscEdit

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Sequencer Disc

  • The Sequencer Disc is the second form of the Disc Primitive. Acting almost identically to the Disc Primitive, the Sequencer allows the player to throw several discs at once. The player only has the ability to control the path of the last disc thrown. Much like the Disc Primitive, this disc can be used for melee combat, providing high damage. It can be used to block incoming enemy attacks as well. As this weapon increases from Alpha to Gold, the possible number of discs thrown increases from 2 to 4 (3 to 6 for the Xbox version). When corrupted, this weapon does 50% less damage.

Cluster DiscEdit

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Cluster Disc

  • The Cluster Disc is the third and final form of the Disc Primitive. It deals the highest amount of damage of all three forms. This Disc has all the same functionality as the Primitive, but explodes upon impact, scattering dozens of shards. When the disc is recalled, it explodes, releasing the shards. As it increases from Alpha to Gold, the damage and radius of the explosion is increased. The weapon is most effectively used against a close group of enemies. Upon corruption, the disc becomes 50% less effective.

Charger DiscEdit

TRON Wiki - Charger Disc (Active;Smaller)

Charger Disc

  • The Charger Disc is a form of the Disc Primitive (found only in the Xbox version of the game). It uses very little energy, and is used to pick up objects such as weapons and upgrades from a distance. The center core drops into the player's left hand, while he throws the disc with the right hand. When activated, the disc has a constant bolt of electricity that flows from the disc back into the player's hand.