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Digitization Warp

Digitization is the process of converting physical matter into digital code. It requires a digitizer .

How does it work?[]

Oranges were the first organic objects to be digitized in early tests. It's unknown what happened to them in the computer world.

Digitization requires both hardware and software dedicated to digitizing a subject. The hardware in this case is a powerful laser. The digitization system was designed at ENCOM by Dr. Walter Gibbs.

It takes several minutes to warm up the laser and prepare it for digitization and black goggles must be worn to avoid sight damage from the beam's bright light. When primed, the laser shoots at the predetermined target and begins to split its molecules into a digital code, which is shown as billions of cubes. Each cube is quickly extracted one by one and sucked into the laser beam to be suspended in the beam until the model is played back, at which point the molecules fall back into place and the target returns to its physical form.

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TRON 2.0[]

In TRON 2.0, it was revealed that the software used for digitization in 1982 turned out to be the MCP. After the MCP was destroyed, the correction algorithms (which were used to correctly digitize a human without corruption) were destroyed as well. Because of this, it took 20 years to recreate the correction algorithms, which were embedded into Ma3a's code.