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This is for the Daft Punk score, for the term, see Derez.
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Media Type Music
Artist Daft Punk
Studio Walt Disney Records
Release Date December 8, 2010

Derezzed is a music track written by music group Daft Punk for the soundtrack of the motion picture, TRON: Legacy. It has also been remixed by artists The Glitch Mob and Avicii for TRON: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D.

Music Video[]

A promotional music video of the song Derezzed is available on the official TRON: Legacy YouTube channel. It features clips from the film as well as quotes. The music video also features a Daft Punk cameo.

The official music video for Derezzed was released on December 7th 2010 and is a visual mix of the original TRON-style and the updated style of TRON: Legacy.

It begins with Daft Punk walking into the abandoned Flynn's Arcade. They remove the plastic sheeting from an arcade machine named "Derezzed". They each insert coins and begin playing. A program fighting for the users rezzes in wearing a TRON: Legacy-style suit in blue. He grabs a baton and rezzes in what appears to be a large light cycle, which quickly morphs into a robotic horse-like creature. As he begins moving down the game grid a Light Ribbon appears alongside him. The scene then cuts to a program on a similar creature, except with red circuitry, riding along the other side of the light ribbon towards the player as in a medieval joust. The scene then cuts to a red circuitry robed figure watching from a far away balcony through binoculars while a raven like creature sits beside him. The scene returns to the two jousters as they rez in lances and shields. The blue program strikes first but is deflected, the red program then shatters his shield and knocks him from his transport, derezzing him.

Daft Punks Derezzed.jpg

Meanwhile in the real world, the losing player hits the joystick in frustration. Back on the game grid, the red program then takes its helmet off and as it does so its circuitry changes to white; the program is revealed as a longer haired version of Quorra. She looks back at the figure on the balcony and he lowers his binoculars. At the same time in the real world Daft Punk's reflection is shown while they stare into the screen, watching a countdown asking if they want to continue the game.

Official Music Video[]

Music video by Daft Punk performing Derezzed.

Daft_Punk_-_Derezzed_(from_TRON_Legacy) TRON_LEGACY_-_Daft_Punk's_"Derezzed"


  • When Daft Punk enter Flynn's Arcade, the song "Separate Ways" by Journey can be heard playing in the background.
  • According to the title screen on the arcade machine, ENCOM produced the futuristic jousting game "DEREZZED", circa 1981.