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Sark's Carrier Derezz Gate

Sark's Carrier entering a derez gate

A Derez Gate is a device that is capable of derezzing vehicles as a security measure. When in use, the derez gate is stationary and the vehicle intended for deletion passes through it. A derez gate was used to derez Sark's Carrier along with Flynn and Yori. As Sark disembarked the carrier via his escape pod, the gate automatically rezzed up by spinning around the carrier several times before expanding and letting the carrier pass through, deleting the massive ship. Though no program can survive passing through a derez gate, a user can, provided that he or she has enough energy. Flynn had enough energy when the gate passed through the holding pit section of the carrier, but Yori didn't. As she was about to derez, Flynn grabbed on to her and transferred his energy to her, saving her life.

Sark's Carrier after being through the derez gate

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