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Deleted Program Storage and Processing
Geographical information
Region Game Grid
Other information
Owners The Kernel
Inhabitants ICPs, Illegal Programs.
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON 2.0

Deleted Program Storage and Processing is a location in the Game Grid.

It is the system equivalent of a prison, used to hold convicted programs before their systematic deresolution by the Kernel's ICPs.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The Prisoner Bin is a mostly round area. There are three prison rooms with dual cells holding programs in nearly each one, save for a COW and a possible Build Point, and a label above the door of each room. The entrance is at the southwest with the control room right in front of it. The control room houses a dormant Bit on a small console. Between the control room and cell is a stack of blocks leading to the top rim, with a bridge leading to the top of the center column. To the northwest is a prison with two empty cells (unless a Build Point spawns in one). Northeast has ROMie in a cell next to the data stream to the processing level, with a green Patch Routine outside of it. The center column of the area has a Sec Rezzer on each of the four sides, with a Finder Drone orbiting the column.

Archive Bin 1

There are two Archive Bins in the level: One in the stack of blocks leading to the upper rim and one at the top of the center column.

Archive Bin 2

The one in the blocks holds two Permissions (2 and 6), a Beta Virus Scan and an Alpha Fuzzy Signature. The one on the column holds Permission 3 and a corrupted Beta Peripheral Seal.

The Processing Level The processing level is much larger than the Prisoner Bin. It starts in a small room with a big elevator in the middle. The room has two transporters that send files and programs to empty cells. The elevator has two encryption keys keeping the player from using it, both must be destroyed. Facing the exit of the room you came from (north), one is to the upper-east and the other is at the bottom north. When the elevator stops going upward, the processing level is shown to be a large area. Facing away from the elevator's exit downstairs, there is a long hallway far from the elevator. The hall has two Sec-Rezzers, one on the right-end and one on the left-end. There are two rooms with two doors, each one is between exits. Both of them contain blocks and an archive bin. Outside of the door from the hallway's left-end exit are a stack of blocks and one archive bin.

To the south of the elevator is a forcefield leading to an exit port, along with another forcefield to the left that leads down to the exit port. In the there is a room next to the elevator with a data stream that leads to the observation tower. The Identity Disc is on the other side of the wall behind the tower's data stream sitting on a console. From the tower, you can see the light cycle arena with or without any racers (depending on how quickly you get there).

There is a blue Patch Routine next to the second transporter, 2 red Patch Routines with one at the right of the hallway and another to the left side of the observation tower, 2 green Patch Routines with one in Hall Room 2 in front of the blocks and another to the right side of the observation tower.

Hall room one has an archive bin in front of the blocks. It contains an email and a Beta Y-Amp.

Hall room two has an archive bin at the back of the blocks. It contains Permission 4.

The archive bin in the stack of blocks has an Alpha Suffusion and a Permission 3.

The observation tower has two archive bins to the left of the data stream. One contains an unknown Alpha subroutine, an Alpha Power Block, A corrupted Alpha Peripheral Seal and Permission 8. The other bin is empty.

Story[edit | edit source]

Jet teams up with Mercury to retrieve his Identity Disc. Mercury stays behind to access a command buffer to study the system's layout. She tells Jet to travel to the processing level. Jet fights through the Prisoner Bin cells and meets a program he met earlier: ROMie. He tells Jet that he can open a data stream needed to travel to the processing level if Jet can find the bit that opens his cell door. Jet retreives the door Bit to free ROMie and escapes the area with his help.

On the processing level, Jet retrieves his Identity Disc from the observation tower which sets off an alarm that alerts all ICPs. He escapes once more into an exit port.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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