Datapushers color2
Data Pusher
Biographical information
Compile DateVarious
Derezzed DateVarious
Physical description
Circuitry ColorVarious: sightings have included orange, yellow, pink, blue, and red.
Other information
Out of universe information

Data Pushers are civilian programs with a purpose that is never fully explained. Some data pushers are the most unique (and bizarre) programs in the system. They can have wildly varying appearances, including exposed hair or unusual color schemes. In TRON, Yori and Tron have a short conversation about the data pushers.

Tron: "Who are all these weirdos?"
Yori: "Inoperative data pushers."
Tron: "Control programs -- come on!"

It seems that they have no sense of what is currently going on around them and only care about minimal routines, like taking care of their users and ordinary tasks. In TRON, when Flynn crashes his recognizer, he falls out and announces to all of the data pushers that he's "fine" and notices that no one is paying attention to him. He then remarks to himself sarcastically, "This town is full of live ones."