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Datapushers color2.jpg
Data Pusher
Biographical information
Physical description
Circuitry Color Variable
Gender Variable
Other information
Functions Data pusher
Out of universe information
Appearances TRON

Tron: Who are all these weirdos?
Yori: Inoperative data pushers.
Tron: Control programs—come on!

Tron and Yori conversing about the data pushers.

Data Pushers are civilian programs whose actual purpose is indeterminate and never fully explained. Data pushers have unique appearances, including unusual and unorthodox circuitry color schemes, behavior, and general appearance.

Data pushers appear to have no sense of, or concern over their surroundings, and only care about minimal routines, such as taking care of their users and other, ordinary, miscellaneous tasks. In TRON, after Flynn crashes the recognizer he has hijacked, he falls out and announces to all of the data pushers that he's "fine" and notices that none of them appear to have taken notice of his presence. He then remarks to himself, sarcastically, "This town is full of live ones."