Tron Wiki
Biographical information
Compile Date Various
Derezzed Date Various
Physical description
Circuitry Color Purple
Gender Variable
Description Purple hacking program
Other information
Functions Hacking, data theft
Equipment Mesh
Allies FCon Chief Executive Officer
Seth Crown
Esmond Baza
Eva Popoff
Out of universe information
Appearances TRON 2.0

DataWraiths are digitized elite hacker users, mercenaries hired by fCon to create havoc in computer systems around the world, steal top-secret data, and destroy the databases of fCon's competitors. The greater plan was to have them go as far as stealing state secrets, blackmail world leaders, and manipulate global media and financial markets, essentially putting the cabal of fCon's executives as the unquestioned shadow rulers of both the electronic and user worlds. 

To that end, the Wraiths were given extensive physical training and extensive modifications, both inside and outside the system. They speak an encrypted language that is incomprehensible to both programs and Jet Bradley, using Mesh-type weapons such as the Mesh Primitive. The modifications include stealth or possible short-range teleportation, as they cloak, only to reappear a short distance away and attack before vanishing again. They also have superior speed to dodge attacks, as well as the enhanced strength and durability of a digitized User.

When they derez in the computer world they are kicked out of the computer and return to their original human form, unconscious. However, it is unknown what became of the Wraiths after the fCon executives were defeated.


  • All of the dialogue of the DataWraiths is actually just ICP dialogue with added effects to make the words unintelligible. For example, "22834.wav", a sound file in one of Tron 2.0's REZ files, sounds like the DataWraith is saying "For the Kernel!"
  • The animation and attack style used for the Wraiths is is same as the ninjas in another Monolith title, No One Lives Forever