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Cycles 3D is a downloadable PC game that mimics the light cycle arena game in TRON. Players have the ability to change the color of their light cycle and jet wall (from pure white, to pitch black). Players may also choose how many CPU players they wish to face (from 1-9). When a player collides with their own jet wall or one of the arena walls, their score will be subtracted by 1 point, no matter what score they currently hold. Players have the ability to accelerate to the light cycle's top speed as a scoring strategy. Recognizers can also be toggled on or off.

Cycles 3D also supports internet and LAN matches, allowing multiple players to compete against the CPU team.


  • A recurring glitch throughout the game involves two light cycles speeding towards each other. If the player turns left or right just before the two collide, then their jet wall will have intersected their opponent's jet wall, a phenomenon that has not been touched upon.
  • Pressing F5 will change the view from first-person, to third-person, to a "sky-cam" view.