You think you're gonna wipe me right out, don't you?
Biographical information
UserMr. Henderson
Derezzed Date1982
Physical description
Circuitry ColorBlue
DescriptionRegular program appearance with toga accessory
Other information
FunctionsBanking Program ("I work in a savings and loan!")
EquipmentCesta, Identity Disc
AlliesTron, Flynn, Ram
Out of universe information
ActorPeter Jurasik

Crom was a program that originally worked as a compound interest program for a Savings & Loan, but was captured by the MCP and forced to play video games on the Game Grid because he believed in the users. His user is S&L full branch manager, Mr. Henderson.


Crom became friends with Ram in the Game Grid and continually fought in gladiator games until he met up with Kevin Flynn in the Ring Game. Crom accidentally fell into a gap on the platform he was standing on and Flynn realized that he would die. Flynn refrained from throwing the ball to kill Crom when it was his turn to do so. Sark, who was watching the game in his carrier, screamed at Flynn to finish the game. Flynn didn't want to kill Crom, but Sark pressed a button that removed Crom's platform. Crom fell down the endless chasm and derezzed.

Personality and TraitsEdit

It is implied that prior to Flynn's arrival, Crom developed some adjustment to the athletic functions of a gamer. Before entering the cell block with Ram, Crom commented to a guard that when he goes out to check T-Bill rates, he gets out of breath.

Crom is very pragmatic in his opinion of the users, maintaining that if there were no users, he would not have been written. It contrasts Ram's spiritual nature.