"I am General Tesler, here to tell you that you are now volunteering for the games."
―General Tesler
The Coliseum
Geographical information
RegionArgon City
Other information
OwnersGeneral Tesler
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising

The Coliseum was a massive, circular arena utilized to hold games such as Disc Wars in Argon City. It was constructed by General Tesler shortly after his takeover of the area.


After the renegade program, Beck, destroyed a statue of Clu himself, General Tesler decided to bring the Games to Argon City. In order to capture the renegade, Tesler gathered "volunteers" to compete in the Coliseum. The General commissioned dozens of Light Railcars to transport the competitors to the Coliseum, but one car -- with Zed and Mara among the "volunteers" -- was sabotaged by Beck in order to free the captured programs.


Later, Beck fell among a number of programs who had been arrested by Tesler's forces for breaking Argon's new curfew and were being sent to the Coliseum to compete in the games. There, he met a program named Cutler who agreed that, in time, programs would rise up against Clu. The two survived both Disc Wars and Light Cycle tournaments, but, at Pavel's suggestion, General Tesler had them duel against each other for freedom. Cutler forfeited so that Beck would be freed and allowed to live. Later, as Cutler was transported from the Coliseum, Beck returned in the guise of the Renegade and rescued him.

On another occasion, Tesler ordered all of Argon's residents to gather in the Coliseum to hear about a reward offered for information leading to the Renegade's capture. This prize, a Light Roadster shown off by three Sirens, remained in the middle of the Coliseum until it was claimed.

Despite the deadly, gory nature of the Games -- one doomed program described the sight of someone derezzing as "disgusting" -- the Coliseum, like the Arena in Tron City, drew huge crowds of spectators to cheer and howl for their fellow programs' demise.

Coloseum construction 1500

The construction of the Coliseum.

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