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Clarence's Realm
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Points of InterestThe Castle
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AppearancesTRON: The Ghost in the Machine

Clarence's Realm is the place in TRON: The Ghost in the Machine, inhabited by Clarence. To match Clarence's appearance as a cliché cartoon rabbit, he created a world that looks like an incarnation of Wonderland (from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland). From there, he operates his mission to convince Jet Bradley that he is being tricked.

Military ForceEdit

Clarence made an army of cartoon figures, shown when Jet.exe invaded this world to retrieve his last package. This lunatic force consists of, among others, eyepatch wearing sunflowers armed with assault rifles and monkeys dressed in clown attires (including hippo mounts).

The CastleEdit

Clarence's home. This is the place where the rabbit's true identity is revealed, along with various inside jokes:

  • Clarence is watching what appears to be a TRON: The Ghost in the Machine TV show.
  • On the table, a pack of cereals can be seen, labeled Deadly Discs.
  • On the floor, is a X-Box and a controller, with a copy of TRON 2.0 on top to cover the logo.