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Blue gaming program.png
Blue Gaming Program
Biographical information
Derezzed Date 2010
Status Derezzed
Physical description
Circuitry Color Blue
Gender Male
Description Standard program appearance
Other information
Functions Conscript
Equipment Baton
Identity Disc
Vehicles Light Cycle
Allies Sam Flynn
Young Man on Recognizer
Green Gaming Program
Purple Gaming Program
Out of universe information
Actor Mike Ching
Appearances TRON: Legacy

The Blue Gaming Program was one of the four teammates of Sam Flynn in Clu's light cycle tournament. He was portrayed by Mike Ching.


A dark-bearded program with blue circuitry, the Blue Gaming Program was a conscript forced into a death-match in the Light Cycle Grid. He died almost immediately, the first of his five teammates to do so, when a Sentry on the opposing team cut in front of him, leaving a light ribbon against which the helpless program promptly crashed and derezzed.


  • The Blue Gaming Program stood fourth in the lineup and wore a 5 on his helmet.