For the baton used in TRON and TRON 2.0, see Rod

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Usage Technology rez tool
Source Persistent
Users Sam Flynn, Programs
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Legacy
TRON: Evolution
TRON: Betrayal
TRON: Uprising
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

A Baton is a versatile multi-tool used by programs to generate usable objects like light cycles, and umbrellas, or weapons like staffs and Light Swords. It is the technological replacement for the TRON-era tool called a Rod.

Each baton is capable of generating a range of different implements, although the limits of what can be created appears to be restricted depending on what each baton has been programmed to do. The military Batons of the Sentries and Black Guards, for example, are commonly used to generate their staff weapons. Gem's baton, by contrast, has only demonstrated the ability to generate an umbrella.

When used, they use a little of the wielder's energy to generate the rest of the object they then become a part of. In the case of swords, the baton becomes the hilt and forms an energy blade from one end. Similarly, one Black Guard and Quorra have demonstrated the ability to generate a flexible grappling device. A staff is formed extending from both ends of a baton, while the vehicles have been formed between the two separated halves, which themselves become the rider's hand grips.

Objects formed from a baton are automatically derezzed when the baton is separated from its wielder. The Baton itself is persistent and can be retrieved to form a replacement object.

In TRON: Uprising Batons are said to be used for squashing Gridbugs also.

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