The Armory
Geographical information
Region Tron City
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Inhabitants Sirens
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Legacy

The Armory is a subterranean chamber directly connected to the Game Arena at the edge of Tron City. It is a spacious room with a high ceiling and drab, almost featureless, walls. Two pairs of sarcophagi are spaced widely apart on each side of the room and these provide rest points for the armory's four inhabitants, the Sirens. Two large sections of wall between the sarcophagi open up to reveal storage for various kinds of equipment that a program might need in the arena. They can provide an extensive range of accoutrements from armor pieces to identity discs.

Programs are brought into the armory by being shackled to an elevator platform on the surface high above. Once the prisoner is secured, the platform makes a rapid descent to come to rest in the middle of the armory floor, and the new arrival provides the cue for the four sirens to emerge and perform their function. The captured program is then systematically updated to prepare it for combat in the arena.

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