Armagetron Advanced is an open-source multiplayer video game "that attempts to emulate and expand on the Light Cycle sequence from the movie TRON". [1] The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and OpenBSD operating systems and is released under a GNU General Public License, making the game freeware.


The object in the game is exactly the same in the original Light Cycle sequence in TRON: make the opponents crash into the jetwalls generated by the light cycles and be the last one standing.

The vehicles constantly move forward, although there is a way to change one's velocity: the closer a player is to a wall, the faster their cycle will move. Players can change the direction of movement, by turning 90 degrees to the left or right.

Game modes Edit

Several game modes exist:

  • Team Gauntlet: Two teams compete with each other on various generated maps.
  • Death Match: Last man standing.
  • Team Death Match: Cooperate with teammates.
  • Fortress: Capture the enemy base. This game can be played with teams or death match style.
  • Sumo: The object is to stay in a zone while trying to force the opponent out.
  • Race: Race to the win zone at the end of the map.
  • Maze: Find a path to the win zone.
  • Sty Patch (formerly Pig Sty):
  • Shooting: A team death match where the object is to try to shoot the other team's players with death zones.
  • StyBall: A team match where the object is to score a goal by pushing the ball zone into the goal zone. (quite similar to football)
  • Capture the Flag: Capture the opponents' flag And players respawn once they have died.
  • Capture The Flag Shooting: Capture the opponents' flag while shooting and player respawn once they have died.

Project History Edit

  • 2000: Walls, a prototype for Armagetron is released for Linux and Windows.
  • 2001-2003: Armagetron is released and actively developed.
  • 2003: A Mac OS X port created by Ben Hines is released.
  • 2003: The author, Z-man, halts development and breaks communication channels. The Master Server Browser, used to connect to internet games, continues to run.
  • 2004: A group of developers fork Armagetron and create Armagetron Advanced.
  • 2007: Included in Fedora Core under the name Armacycles Advanced.
  • Present Day: Development continues.

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