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Alpha is a fast paced game about Tron-style Tanks created in 2012 by a user known as Wulfeous of W³Games.

The game was made with Unity3D and plays directly on its website via the Unity3D webplayer. It requires a tiny installation that is harmless and is very similar to Shockwave/Flash. Those who have played any of the games that Disney embedded into their TRON: Legacy website already have this installed.

Players enter this world as Alpha, the Blue Tank with Bit for an ally.

The system is a giant spherical game grid. A type of corruption has infected the grid, spawning red clone enemies that need to be fought off before they conquer the system.



There are graphical instructions in-game at the main menu.

  • WASD : Movement
  • Shift : Booster Speed
  • Mouse : Aim Left/Right
  • LeftClick : Shoots Tank Arrow
  • RightClick : Shoots Laser (Uses shield power, but is extremely effective on corruption sources)
  • R : Resizes/Deactivates Radar (Deactivating can improve performance on older systems)
  • MouseWheel : Camera Positioning