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Abraxas's identity disc
Usage Attack, defense and infection
Users Abraxas
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Evolution

Abraxas's identity disc is the primary weapon of the virus Abraxas, and formerly that of the ISO leader, Jalen.


Abraxas contemplating his damaged disc

When it was discovered that the game grid champion Jalen was an ISO, he was disqualified immediately. But then Clu, who appeared to be sympathetic, let Jalen back in and awarded him with a disc upgrade. The "upgrade" turned out to be something entirely different, however, and the modification changed the ISO into the monstrous virus, Abraxas.

In a fight with the System Monitor Anon, Abraxas's disc was damaged, with several small pieces being separated from it. Although damaged, the disc still appeared to be operating at full capacity. Recovering fragments of Abraxas's disc allows Anon to learn more about the virus's history.

Distinguishing features[]

Abraxas's disc, like any other, can be used for attack or defense, but what makes his unique is its ability to create corruption and infection through touch. Abraxas was seen to slam his disc into the ground, and from that point infection seeped across the floor like water.

Shard Transcript[]

A transcript of the audio from the recovered shards of Abraxas' disc follows:

  1. Abraxas: I am the perfect weapon.
    Clu (as a memory): Everything about you ISOs is a threat to us.
    Abraxas: Spread my pain.
    Clu (as a memory): A threat to our perfect system.
    Abraxas: Infect the grid. Destroy everything in my path.
    Clu (as a memory): A threat I must eliminate.
    Abraxas: My purpose is clear: everything is coming to an end!
  2. Jalen: How much she worries, but I can't think of any other way to break this stalemate, to show them we're just as good. But I must be careful. If I play too well, we'll be seen as threat. But I must also win. I have to win.
  3. Jalen: They found out whom [sic] - or rather "what" - I am, and they stopped me from continuing on in the tournament. The ISOs were rallying; I almost started what I wanted to avoid in the first place. But Clu - Clu, of all programs - embraced me...
    Clu (as a memory): Don't you have a grid game to prepare for?
    Jalen: ...recoded the system rules and let me compete. I never thought he would-... [static]
  4. Jalen: I've won! An ISO has won the tournament! Clu rewarded me with a disc upgrade. I feel like I could take on Tron himself! A new dawn...Basic and ISO working together in one system, one parameter: our future.
    Jalen (as a memory): Clu, greetings...
    Jalen: He was impressed and has asked me to work with him, examine the grid, assess system resources, inefficiencies, memory drains. Indeed, a new cycle has begun.
  5. Jalen: Today I went deeper into the system then I've ever gone before. [Recognizer flyby] Memory siphons. Firewalls. System monitors on every tile of the grid. And what is this, this...Regulator? [Recognizer flyby] Clu? Why would he-...?
    Clu: It's impolite to snoop.
    Jalen: What? What's happening to my disc? It's-... I-... [infection]
  6. Abraxas: The stage is set. My creation, achieved.
    Clu (as a memory): Be careful in your match. The games are dangerous.
    Abraxas: A death, reported. Evolution will take a new turn! Their time is over! The grid will know only pain! Spread. Infect. Destroy. [Heartbeat]