Able's Garage (without white band)
Able's Garage
Geographical information
RegionTron system
Other information
InhabitantsBeck, Bodhi, Zed, Mara
Behind the scenes
AppearancesTRON: Uprising
Able's garage is a local repair shop in Argon City. It resembles a very large hangar. Inside there are many different types of vehicles, such as tanks and light cycles. It includes a breakroom, an area for repairs, and a welding room in the back. General Tesler commissions repairs and special vehicles for his armada there, and has, in person or through his lieutenants, frequently threatened its workers with death or the Games.

Known employees at the garage include Beck, Bodhi, Mara, Zed, Link, Copper, and Dash.


Main FloorEdit

This area of the garage is the largest. It includes a wide open floor facing the entrance to the garage. Cables hang down from the ceiling to hold light jets and light copters in suspension until they can be worked on. The employees do most of their repair work in this area.


This section is located on the side of the garage. It has white walls, seats, and a refreshments area throughout the room.

Laser RoomEdit

The high-power laser is located in this room: a large white bean-shaped object which fires a red beam. The laser is operated from behind a glass door on a control panel. Objects are placed on a round white table against which the beam fires, either fusing two things together or destroying unnecessary objects. The laser welder was used by Beck (as the Renegade) to destroy the weapon created by Shaw.

Able's OfficeEdit

This area next to the garage's entrance has a round desk in the middle and a view of the lot. Able keeps various relics in his office, including an ENCOM 786 baton, a Bit, and an old-style white light suit in a display case.

Employee QuartersEdit

While some employees live in shared ground-level barracks with unadorned shelf-beds along the walls, others -- including Mara (whose quarters were seen in State of Mind), Beck, Zed, and Able -- live in spacious rooms with large triangular windows.[citation needed]

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