Come back inside; there's nothing you can do.


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Biographical information
Status Derezzed
Physical description
Circuitry Color White
Gender Male
Other information
Functions Vehicle maintenance
Allies Beck


Out of universe information
Actor Reginald VelJohnson (voice)
Appearances TRON: Uprising

Able was a supporting character of TRON: Uprising voiced by Reginald VelJohnson. Beck's "grandfather" figure, Able owned and ran the garage where Beck, Zed and Mara work. As one of Flynn's first programs, he was the elder statesman of Argon Sector. He was constantly worried about Beck and what the future might hold.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Able was one of the first programs created by Kevin Flynn. He was an elder and statesman of Argon Sector. Able owned a garage, devoting his life to the maintenance of vehicles, but when Clu's forces took over, things changed. Able was upset when one of his employees was derezzed after an argument with a guard, but urged the rest to stay calm, thinking that there was nothing he or anyone could do. He kept this policy even when Zed and Mara were captured by Clu's forces, but was nonetheless relieved when they returned, saved by the Renegade.

Able ran a tight business, scolding Beck for missing work and sending Hopper and Bartik away when they attempted to intimidate his workers. He couldn't refuse repair jobs for General Tesler and his troops, and even delivered a giant tank to Tesler's ship in person, but made it clear that the Occupation's disrespectful behavior was not welcome. When obligated to leave the garage on personal business, he placed Mara in charge and was pleased with the job she'd done, later telling her that she had been his "first and only choice."

Able recognized the distinctive T symbol worn by both Tron and the Renegade, and, upon being returned to the garage with injuries sustained during one of the Renegade's fights with Tesler, told his employees that it was Tron who had saved him. However, after repeated failed attempts to keep Beck out of trouble, he eventually disclosed that he had known for a long time who the Renegade really was. He then contacted Tron, whom he had secretly been helping for a long time to maintain his healing chamber in the Outlands, and threatened to cut off his support if Tron kept involving Beck in the rebellion, insisting that they both knew how this would end and refusing to let Beck become "one of your mistakes." Though Tron would not compromise, he and Able fought back-to-back when a swarm of gridbugs attacked, and Tron lent Able his snowmobile when they parted.

While Beck was out of town and unavailable to help Tron, Able took his place, investigating Dyson's operations in Purgos. Though Dyson attempted to detain him and Tron had to help him fight his way out, the two discovered that Clu had ordered a giant recognizer built there. As the huge craft took off and departed, Able ruefully remarked that he'd been wrong -- Tron would need Beck for what was to come. Tron replied that actually, he would need both of them.

Able was later murdered at Argon City's docks by Cyrus, who framed the renegade for his death.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Able acts as a grandfather figure to Beck, as he was not above admitting that he was wrong, even if he doesn't like to admit it, he thought Tron would need Beck to lead the revolution against Clu.

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