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0001001 Club.png
0001001 Club
Geographical information
Region Argon City
Other information
Designer Kevin Flynn
Clu 2
Owners General Tesler
Behind the scenes
Appearances TRON: Uprising

0001001 Club is a nightclub in Argon City. Zed, Mara, and Beck are regular patrons of the club, as are Bartik and Hopper.


The 0001001 Club is one of the few entertainment areas in Argon City. It features a broad dance floor surrounded by strobing walls of ever-changing patterns and colors. A bar stretches along one wall, and booths with tables are arrayed along the sides. House music is played at all times. The club is extremely popular, and the floor is usually packed with dancing programs. During the Occupation, numerous guards and sentries were also in frequent attendance.

Among the glowing energy drinks served there are single shots, tall glasses of white or blue energy, and large bowls of pink energy with long straws for sharing among multiple guests.


The club was among the most frequent hangouts for the workers of Able's garage. Zed met Perl there while sulking over Mara viewing him as a friend, and later Hopper was arrested at the club's bar on a trumped-up charge of being the Renegade. Mara met with Bartik and Hopper there while under the influence of Keller's pathogenic code. The club is also where Cyrus befriended Zed and Mara, much to Beck's dismay; while Beck and Cyrus traded veiled hostilities, Mara hauled Zed off to dance to her favorite song, making Beck promise not to share any juicy backstories until they returned.


Programs dancing in the club